iNSTAGRAMATICS art inc. LTD. are proud to announce our new joint venture with MusicArtVisions recordings newly signed music-artits: Tweetup Allstars. Enjoy the film, and please click the like-button to help us spead the love from your facebook-account! 

The CFO of iNSTAGRAMATICS art inc. LTD, Ralph Rueben Lipschitz, does not want to comment on wether this joint venture could be viewed as an official point of view considering other norwegian rappers.

-It's a pleasure to present iNSTAGRAMATICS art inc. LTD' sale and distrobution channels to Tweetup Allstars.

-The norwegian market needs to hear artists whom bring potential, but perhaps is not discovered by the masses through conformal hypechannels. Up till now we have heard and seen songs and videos of high quality, and we believe that Tweetup Allstars has a lot more to offer.

-iNSTAGRAMATICS art inc. LTD feels that it has been an exciting and pleasuring challenge to work with Tweetup Allstars, and we feel that this time around the viewers can really experience what iNSTAGRAMATICS art ink. LTD is capable of producing, says the CFO.

- Some norwegian rappers may feel threatened by this movement and the explosive viral buzz.

The single is mixed and produced by young, but experienced producer Ida Iki for the MusicArtVisions recordings.

The music film is produced by iNSTAGRAMATICS art inc. LTD, production apartment, and offers among other things cameos form severeal norwegian celebrities (and friends of iNSTAGRAMATICS art inc. LTD), such as Hasse Hope, Einar Tørnquist, Eivind Trædal and Fredrik Milde. In the film you will also be able to see famous tweeters and tweetarettes such as @Snillerunar, @Overstreken, @Famouslastbirds, @Kvanneid, @MakeupMalin, @Arnofrangos, @MDEMMA_, @Talllullah, @Pakkseddel in their finest acts.

Behind the highly professional filmcamera we have Kim-André Aspen as the leading film photographyst, Herrmann Stenerud as professional b-cam operator, Kristian André Myklevold as cam-assistent, Christoffer Krook as professional stills-photographer, Lars Andersen as assistant director, and Halvor Herzog as the well experienced director and artist for the iNSTAGRAMATICS art ink. LTD forever.

film by iNSTAGRAMATICS art inc. ltd.


Instagramatics Art inc. LTD is the future famous webportal for fans to view their favourite songs with film. This is the leading limited company which produces the art of film and music - combined.

With the most serious actors, celebrated music artists and entertainers, we prosper through joint ventures with other LTDs.

Our mantra within this limited company has always been that the market supplies the demand, and thusly this limited company' Oslo branch was founded May 17th. 2012 in Atlanta, GA.

CFO of Instagramatics Art inc. LTD, Ralph Rueben Lipschitz, co-signed the contract on behalf of the majority stock holder, PTRltd, which resites in the Cayman Islands.


Joker i Hatten (Joker in the Hat) - Livet er Herlig (Life is Awesome)


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